Coat with the principles of coat is decided to winter beautiful important factors
Coat with the principles of coat is decided to winter beautiful important factors, a fitted coat with your warm and beautiful spent the winter.Very cold, imagine you are love drama actress, hold moncler coats a key, and your elegant warm Huhuashizhe -- coat, a romantic winter!
Beauty tips: cover skirt you
you wear a coat is the secret must cover skirt.You $
you when the coat moncler coats is longer than knee-length skirt, show lines not only clean, beautiful and elegant.Even in a dress, skirt length unless it is to an ankle position, or preferably also make coat cover skirt.Dress with the coat, the most taboo producing ruffle and drag, if the length from the coat, the best choice of line agile, and with the same color of the coat fit "skirt".And trousers collocation overcoat is unlimited.
you shoulder and waist to fit you #
you coat shoulders fit degree, follow suit as important, as long as there is a little wrong, the whole clothes wear is not natural, even with the shoulder pads, will naturally make people ignore its existence.Fitted coat shoulder, should be the neck-shoulder junction extending outwardly over the shoulder, until the 1 lateral to about 2 cm.Secondly, women graceful curve waist, a balance body effect, must be very fit.In general, the right should be located at the waist waist coat of more than 2 cm, to 1 cm below the waist.
Pay attention to the position of the pocket is you
You you you coat length and height "speed dating", don't think of long length can be shortened, because the length of short, pockets and waistline (belt) position must also move up, the "pull one hair and use the whole body" modifications, often moncler kids make coat suitable sense lost, intelligent woman of course, direct selection to one another and their body with just good style to wear.
you choose colors remind you
you if you can only have a coat, then it should be black, because black representative noble, fashion, fast decision management style, it is full of female glamour and capable, high society representative color, elegant classic that will never go out of style.You
moncler coats you you can have two coats, another thing should be red or beige, because red coat can moncler coats show a woman confident, independent side, suit to attend the moncler coats scene and highlight their status and personality, full of passion for life of the female chest is indispensable in a red coat; if you have three coat, then add a navy blue or dark brown.
Five kinds of moneys overcoat collocation scheme you
you when you go out to buy the coat, please remember to be used with a long coat dress wear, including the inside of the garment, shoes and hand bags, like less.Like to work with coat to wear suits, leather shoes and purses, moncler coats buy the use of leisure is wearing sweaters, casual shoes to.
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Brown matching principle
Brown matching principle
Matching with white, give a person a kind of pure feeling.Golden brown knee-length skirt and shirt with a collar, can reflect the glamour of short skirt, add elegance.Selection of conservative elegant chestnut color fabric jacket, with a red sweater, red scarf, vivid, beautiful incomparable.
Brown sweater with the brown plaid pants, can reflect refined and mature.Brown thick sweater with the skirt of brown cotton cloth, the two texture difference, show the wearer's unique personality.
Black matching principle
Black is a all-match hundred with color, no matter with what color are put together, will do not have a style, and beige with no exception!At present, the weekend shopping, coat can be the summer of that piece or black T-shirt printing, downloading to put on beige cotton with Lycra knee a dress, wearing white color stripe flat casual shoes, whole person looks very comfortable, but also filled with the smell of sunshine.In fact, do not wear skirts can also, put on a beige cotton casual pants, low-rise, micro speaker best pants, feet or pair of casual shoes, still avant-garde, youth is pressing.
Beige with principles
Through a rigorous Beige taste, is not difficult.A light beige high-necked short-sleeved sweater, with a black fine trousers, wear the shining shiny black tip with shoes, an occupation female professional feel to be just perfect foil.If you want a competent, strong feeling, then choose a black stripe delicate skirt suit, with a beige luxury handbags, both executive style yet elegant women.
Many female friends would like to watch Korean dramas, the girls have to wear full of urban fashion, than the simple and similar plot and slow story rhythm wonderful times.Read more, how much can summarize some Korean girls dress features: subtle and elegant, light is not bright.In or gentle or warm color, beige fashion girls commonly used color.
Today's fashion, beige because of its simplicity and rich intellectual beauty and become more often blue dress.Compared with white, cream-colored somewhat more warmth and elegance, no exaggeration; and compared with the pure black, beige soft, not too heavy.In the pursuit of simple abandon complicated fashion trend, beige in its pure elegant atmosphere and rigorous modern workplace atmosphere coincide.Will no one color out of the best effect, have to pay attention to collocation, beige is no exception.
Color also represents the different meaning, have a look your clothes and your temperament is paired with "be the same outside and inside"?

A lot goes on above the belt when you're getting busy
A lot goes on above the belt when you're getting busy. We answer your biggest boob questions.
Why do my breasts feel heavier when I'm turned on?fashion clothing

When you're aroused, blood flow to your breasts may get a boost, and this can make your boobs feel fuller and warmer.
My guy gets carried away playing with my set. Can he do any damage? Probably not. He'd really have to squeeze or bite hard to trigger anything more than a little redness or a minor bruise, but be sure to tell him if it clothing

My nipples become so sensi?tive that I can barely stand to have them stroked. Why? Nipple sensitivity varies among women. For some, even the slightest touch or temp change can be hard to take during arousal. It can get even worse

Chad Ochocinco, 33, may be the flashiest NFL star in the country, but his talent on the football field isn't the only thing that caught our attention. Last year, his sexy dance moves earned him fourth place on Dancing With the Stars, and he revealed his sensitive side on his VH1 reality dating show, Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch (he's now engaged to Evelyn Lozada, though he didn't meet her in the TV contest). We love Chad's cocky yet playful attitude. He has an obsessive following on Twitter, and he's not afraid to say what he thinks.. .even if it borders on TMI. Case in point: Chad told us his hip-shaking skills aren't confined to the dance floor. You tweet about a lot of personal stuff.Buy Christian
Ever wish you could take something back? Fuck no. Tweeting to me is about expressing how you feel, and thafs what I do. Is there anything your friends make fun of you for? I still suck my thumb like a baby. Describe the most fearless thing you've done. I drove my Bugatti at 210 miles per hour. I wanted to see how fast I could go, and it scared me to death. I never did it again. What attracts you to a woman? She has to have the swag of Beyonce, dress like Rihanna, and have the mind-set of Lady Gaga, meaning she's willing to be different at all costs. Is there anything that feels as good as sex? That initial moment when you score a touchdown. Ifs like "Oh, shitf and you hear 80,000 people screaming for you. Ifs not the same thing, but ifs close.
Do you have any hidden talents? I can detach my waist from the rest of my body during sex. It allows me a free range of motion, and I can move like no other canBuy Christian

One client, a rich mogul, thanked me by giving me a six-day resort vacation valued at $16,000.
While rubbing down stars for a living has definite perks (hello, big bucks and free vacations), there is a skeezy side. Read the exploits one bold L. A. masseuse divulged to Cosmo.
k For more than a decade, I've L worked as a licensed massage therapist, first at an exclusive West Coast hotel and now ■ solo through my own practice.
|W I have a huge roster of regular clients, and a big percentage W of those are celebrities who f pay me hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to be on call for regular rubdowns.
I got into this line of work because I enjoy making people feel good. But I think the key to my success with stars is that I'm not a fame whore. I treat my clients with respect, and I really listen to what they want. As a result, they feel at ease with my hands on them...and they often reveal, sometimes unknowingly, some dark, strange secrets.
No, I'd never divulge all the dirt. But letting C ]osmo in on some of the details without naming names won't betray their trust.
Breaking In to Celeb BodyworkBurberry handbags cheap

Back when I started my gig at the posh hotel, I'd be sent to a guest s room with my table and tools and treat them to a 60- to 90-minute session. One of my first A-listers was an actor. In his suite, I became a little flustered. Here was a star I was used to seeing onscreen...but now he was lying in front of me! I had to force myself to focus.
When I was finished, he said warmly, "That was the best massage I've ever had."
I realized I had a certain special touch with celebrities when I had another encounter with fame. Months later, I was sent up to a room, and the sexy star of a top- rated television series answered the door. We chatted comfortably while I set up my table, and he slipped under the sheet. I took a breath, told myself lo chill out, and put my hands on him. I could tell I did a good job, and he's not only still a cli¬ent but also a good friend.
Some stars are more standoffish. Their attitude doesn't bother me. I know they're used to people prying into their lives, which I never do. One hunky TV anchor barely spoke when I arrived. lie was so robotic and tense, I decided not to push him to talk. Butonce his body relaxed, he gabbed up a storm, joking with me about how uptight he knows he comes across 011 the news.miu miu bags

Of course, I accept that I can't win everyone over. A popular singer was frosty and snappy to me for the entire massage. Later, I mentioned her demeanor to a friend of mine, who pointed out why this gorgeous star may have been such a bitch to me: I look exactly like her sister, with whom she competes for the spot¬light.
Huge Stars, Huge Perks
Months after establishing myself at the hotel, my appointment books were packed. Musicians, athletes, actors, and politicians came to see me 011 a regular basis, and they refused to be massaged by other therapists if I wasn't available (which luckily didn't foster any resentment among my coworkers). So I decided to leave the hotel and launch my own massage business.Now celebs have direct access to me any lime of the day 01 night. And they expect me to be on call for
bodvwork whenever they feel the
j J
need for it. For the most part, no one pulls crazy diva behavior, but they do pull out their wallets and dangle extra money and perks in front of me, like free concert tickets and luxurious vacations, if 111 work them into my schedule as soon its I can.
Once, a hot rock guitarist paid me $1,500, plus a $600 tip, to fly to a nearby city and rub him down. Another client, an incredibly rich man, thanked me for being at his beck and call for years by arranging a six-dav vacation lor me at one of his own private resorts, even making sure I received daily massages. The total cost: $16,000.

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Plan B One-Step
Brief Summary (See Package Brochure For Full Prescribing Information)
Rx only for women younger than age 17 years
For women younger than age 17 years. Plan B? One-Step is a prescription- only cmcrgcncy contraccptivc. Plan B" One-Step is indicated to prevent prcgnancy after known or suspected contraccptivc failure or unprotected in¬tercourse. To obtain optimal efficacy, the tablet should be taken as soon as possible within 72 hours of intercourse. It is not indicated for routine use as a contraccptivc. CONTRAINDICATIONS
Plan B* One-Step is contraindicated for use in the case of known or sus¬pected pregnancy.
Ectopic pregnancies account for approximately 2% of all reported pregnan¬cies. Up to 10% of pregnancies reported in clinical studies of routine use of progestin-only contraceptives are ectopic. A history of ectopic pregnancy is not a contraindication to use of this emergency contraceptive method. Healthcare providers, however, should consider the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy in women who become pregnant or complain of lower abdominal pain after taking Plan B" One-Step. A follow-up physical or pelvic exami¬nation is recommended if there is any doubt concerning the general health or pregnancy status of any woman after taking Plan B" One-Step. Existing Pregnancy
Plan B* One-Step is not effective in terminating an existing pregnancy. Effects on Menses
Some women may experience spotting a few days alter taking Plan B* One- Step. Mcnstnial bleeding patterns arc often irregular among women using prog-estin-only oral contraceptives and women using levonorgestrel for postcoital and emergency contraception. If there is a delay in the onset of expected menses be yond 1 week, consider the possibility of pregnancy. ST I/HIV
Plan B* One-Step docs not protect against HIV infection (AIDS) or other sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Physical Examination and Follow-up
A physical examination is not required prior to prescribing Plan B* One Step. A follow-up physical or pelvic examination is recommended if there is any doubt concerning the general health or pregnancy status of any woman after taking Plan B* One-Step. Fertility Following Discontinuation
A rapid return of fertility is likely following treatment with Plan B* One-Step for emergency contraception; therefore, routine contraception should be con¬tinued or initiated as soon as possible following use of Plan B* One-Step to en¬sure ongoing prevention of pregnancy. ADVERSE REACTIONS Clinical Trials Experience
The most common adverse events (>10%) in the clinical trial for women re¬ceiving Plan B" One-Step included heavier menstrual bleeding (30.9%), nau¬sea (13.7%), lower abdominal pain (13.3%), fatigue {13.3%), and headache (10.3%). Table I lists those adverse everts that were reported in > 4% of Plan Br One-Step users.
Table I. Adverse Events in > 4% of Women, by % Frequency
Louis Vuitton hats
size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequency or establish a causal relationship to drug exposure. Gast/vintestinal Disorders: Abdominal Pain, Nausea, Vomiting General Disorders and Administration Site Conditions: Fatigue Nerwus System Disorders: Dizziness, Headache
Reproductive System and Breast Disorders: Dysmenorrhea, Irregular Men-struation, Oligomenorrhea, Pelvic Pain DRUG INTERACTIONS
Drugs or herbal products thai inducc enzymes, including CYP3A4, that me-tabolize progestins may decrease the plasma concentrations of progestins, and may decrease the effectiveness of progestin-only pills. USE IN SPECIFIC POPULATIONS Pregnancy
Many studies have found no harmful effects on fetal development associated wiih long-term use of contraccptivc doses of oral progestins. The few stud¬ies of infant growth and development that have been conducted with prog¬estin-only pills have not demonstrated significant adverse effects. Nursing Yfother*
In general, no adverse effects of progestin-only pills have been found on breastfeeding performance or on the health, growth, or development of the infant. However, isolated post-marketing cases of decreased milk production have been reported. Small amounts of progestins pass into the breast milk of nursing mothers taking progestin-only pills for long-term contraception, resulting in detectable steroid levels in infant plasma. Pediatric Use
Safety and etTicacy of progestin-only pills for long-term contraception have been established in women of reproductive age. Safety and efficacy arc ex¬pected to be the same for postpubertal adolescents less than 17 years and for users 17 years and older. Use of Plan B* One-Step cmcrgcncy contra¬ception before mcnarchc is not indicated. Gcriatric Use
This product is not intended for use in postmenopausal womcr.. Race
No formal studies have evaluated the effect of race. However, clinical trials demonstrated a higher prcgnancy rate in Chinese women with both Plan B* and the Yuzpc regimen (another form of emergency contraception). There was a non-statistically significant increased rate of pregnancy among Chinese women in the Plan B? One-Step trial. The reason for this apparent increase in the pregnancy rate with emergency contraceptives in Chinese women is unknown.
Levonorgestrel is not a controlled substance. There is no information about dependence associated with the use of Plan B* One-Step. OVERDOSAGE
There arc no data on overdosage of Plan B* One-Step, although the common
adverse event of nausea and associated vomiting may be anticipated.
Mfg. by Gedeon Richter, Ltd., Budapest, Hungary
for Duramed Pharmaceuticals. Inc.
Subsidiary of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Pomona, New York 10970

The Green Road Test
The Green Road Test

For a week we stopped killing the Earth on our commute and instead took these zero-emission vehicles to the streets of New York City. Which green machine would rule them all?

Segway i2, $5,145 Lowdown: Remember seven years ago, when the Segway was supposed to revolutionize transportation? They kept on making'em anyway. Speed/Range: Our tester easily maxed out the Segat 12.5 mph. But with mortals clogging the sidewalk, the four-mile trek to midtown Manhattan took 56 minutes. Maneuverability: Our man wove Boi- tano-like 360s in a stream of pedestrians. "It's like an extension of my body," he gushed. It hopped four-inch curbs,too. Coolness: To be seen on the Segway falls somewhere between embarrassing and emotionally scarring. "Segway! Segway!" came the mock cheers from a pub. Verdict: It's fun as hell to ride, but that won't get you to work on time—or laid. RATING
Strida 5.0, $800 Lowdown: This 22-pound fixed-gear bike breaks down to the size of a hand truck for easy stowing in apartments, offices, and brothels. Speed/Range: Depends who's on it. Our tester bolted up to the office in 38 min¬utes. That time could easily be improved with some doping and a Lycra bodysuit. Maneuverability: The high seat and weird triangular frame take a few minutes to balance at first but then seem perfectly normal. Coolness: Not bad! Burly bike messen¬gers gave us props, and one comely lass asked for a ride (see photo). Verdict: Smart, compact, affordable, and actually kind of cool, even if you don't shave your legs or get bike tats. RATING
Lowdown: Sometimes a cooler is just a cooler. But add wheels and a300-watt motor and it's the coolest invention ever. Speed/Range: The icebox tops out at 13 mph,goes 15 miles on a charge, and took an hour to get our tester to work. Maneuverability: Starting, stopping, and turning prove choppy. Minor bumps result in a punishing jolt to the balls. Coolness: The Cruzin Cooler is a mag¬net for curious womenfolk. One asked our tester for a ride, and he gave it to her. Then she scrawled the Cruzin Cooler Web address on her hand. Seriously. Verdict: It's obviously brilliant and perfect for commuting—provided your "commute" involves drunkenly wheeling around a tailgate party.
Lowdown: Not all scooters are for scarf- wearing sissies. This electric one goes 0-50 in 6.8 seconds, almost silently. Speed/Range: The Vectrix tops out at 62 mph and can go 35 to 55 miles on a charge. Our commute took 20 minutes. Maneuverability: Fast, responsive handling and pickup make this machine more like a sport bike than a scooter. It makes sense that you need a motor¬cycle license to ride it. Coolness: Our coolest commute. "Girls were staring hard," bragged ourtester. We didn't tell him they were probably glaring at the armpit stains on his shirt. Verdict: We might not take it to Sturgis, but for dodging traffic and Venezuelan oil barons, this ride rules.

American Spirit
ou bet your ass it s crazy! So says visionary comics creator Frank Miller of his superhero noir The Spirit. And if anyone knows crazy, it's Miller, whose graphic novels spawned Sin City (which he codirected with Robert Rodriguez) and 300 (helmed by Watchmen's Zack Snyder). For his first solo flight as a director, Miller is taking on a 1940s pulp hero created by his mentor, Will Eisner. A believed-to-be-dead cop resurrected as a masked vigilante, the Spirit (Gabriel Macht) wages war against badass criminal the Octo¬pus (Samuel L. Jackson) while handling more than his fair share of femmes fatales.
The transition from page to screen was an intimidating one for Miller. "It felt scarier than hell," he says. "But it's the same old game, telling a story with pictures." The Spirit's best visual effects, however, may be of the flesh- and-blood variety. "I had Scarlett Johansson, Eva Mendes, Paz Vega, and Jaime King adding production value I never could have dreamed of." Less sexy, but wearing just as much eye¬liner, is Jackson's deranged Octopus. "I said to him, 'Let's make you the scariest supervillain who ever lived.'"
The shift from the more innocent tone of Eisner's original strips to Miller's balls-out style—epitomized by switching the hero's trademark suit from bright blue to midnight black—has offended some Spirit fans. Miller doesn't think much of the nostalgia-mon¬gers. "If Eisner thought I built a dusty monu¬ment to what he did, he'd come back from the grave and throttle me. I owe him. I don't owe the fans a goddamn thing."—Sean T. Collins

The NEW Basics
or a slim wedge, [hanks to Jacobs, Calvin Klein, and Zero + Maria Cornejo.
Footwear also took the shape ot hippie- chic Birkenstock-like sandais at Stella McCartney, tasseled wedge loafers at Alex¬ander Wang, and sporty oxford heels at Derek Lam. These pieces will still cost a pretty penny, but at least designers areaim- ing at a functional target.
Outsize jewelry is still in play, but with a seasonal twist. Yves Saint Laurent, Alexis Bittar, and Kara Ross created statement rings with rough gold and raw stones so big, they could serve as soul healers.
Lulu Frost designer Lisa Salzer's latest line of costume jewelry, to which you can add or subtract brooches, is inspired by one of the most functional objects of all, the corkboard. "I was thinking about transfor¬mative pieces that go easily from day to night," says Salzcr. "These go with every¬thing and can be dressed up. You can add as much ornamentation as you like, and it becomes a totally different look.''
M l o how do you manage to pull it all offwithout looking overstyled? "Play with propor- ^^^^^^^^ tion," advises Lyons. "Ifyouare wearing a menswear trouser, what Is the play on torn¬, boy? Wear a little fitted L W button-up shirt but with a J crazy chunky jewel, sky-high Y~ — heels, and a utility jacket."
To keep from looking too industrial or severe, think about adding elements of shimmer. A slouchy pant paired with a sequined top and a blazer worked perfeedy on the runway of Richard Chai I.ove. In lieu of that, a stack of silver bracelets and a saddlebag with a long strap slung over the shoulder is a fresh, modern approach. "I love an austere look with a bit of lacy lin¬gerie peeking out," notes Young, "Or a metallic something that is unexpected."
Of course, if you can't find what you need, there's an obvious solution, "Go to an army-navy surplus store," says Nast. "Buy a great pair ofoid army pants that are two sizes too big. Roll them up and wear them with a high heel, aT-shirt, a belt, and a sweater or necklace, and off you go."
It's time to step to. Consider these your marching orders. ■
Sarah Cristobal is the senior fashion editor,

For Keeps
^ When I first met my husband, Seott, I loved that lie filled his free time with tons of activities. 1 was sure it meant that life with him would never be dull. But now that we're married, he still clocks 35 hours a week on hobbies ranging from music and writing to Softball and video games—activities that suck up time 1 wish he'd spend with me. I want Scott to feel fulfilled, but how can I ask him to chill out on the hobbies without being a nag...or worse, a big fat dream crusher?
So Over It
Although 1 realize that Scott never hid his interests from me, I assumed he'd rejigger his priorities once we got hitched. I mean, I did: 1 started sched¬uling fewer weekend drinks with friends and cutting back on late work nights so we could have dinner together.. .and Scott didn't even have to ask. Were my expectations unreal¬istic? Apparei ltly so. "For most women, relationships arc our top priorities— we're just wired that way," explains psychotherapist Tina Tessina, PhD, author of Money, Sex, and Kids. "Men are generally more task-oriented."
Mv other issue is that Scott loves feedback on his extracurriculars, even the ones I hate—ahem, fantasy baseball—but I feel phony pretend¬ing to get excited about every freak¬ing thing he's into. "You shouldn't feign excitement," says marriage therapist Karen Gail Lewis, EdD, author of Why Don't You Under¬stand? "But you also shouldn't dis the things he enjoys—it will only push him away." Lewis says diat the key to feeling good about Scott's hobbies is to do a few diings that will prevent me from resenting them.
Finding "Us Time"
When His Hobbies Take Over
Every month, author and journalist Kristina Grish contemplates the sweet, surprising, and often totally confusing world of marriage.
My first objective: Reinstate some of the things I used to love to do without Scott that fell by the wayside when we got married, like having dinner with my sister, going on long runs, and volunteering hours at the dog shelter. And now that I think about it, I do miss that stuff.
Next, I need to be honest with Scott about craving increased couple time. Lewis says that asking him to give up a hobby will make him defen¬sive. Instead, I should let him know I want to see him more by saying "Can we find some time that's just for the two of us each week? I miss being with you."

Next thing you know, he'll start baking.
I say exactly that to Scott one night, and the next day, he suggests we devote Saturdays to simply being together—lazing around in bed, tak¬ing bike rides, cooking dinner. Then he walks into his home office and spends the next hour lost in guitar riffs...but since it's Friday and I'm late to meet a friend anyway, I don't even mind.


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